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FOMO getting the best of you?

FOMO getting the best of you?

Here’s what you can do to beat this new-age ailment

ByIANSlife Features

January 13, 2020 (IANSlife) Peer pressure, social media and a host of new age ailments have resulted in the 'fear of missing out(FOMO). Millennials, boomers and Generation Z are feeling it the most. Each time one says “yes” to something in the fear of feeling left out.

This results in one abandoning their own path by pretending or proclaiming to admire what is currently popular or widely discussed. It’s all about courage; courage is what one needs to stay your course and gratitude for your own path to keep one grounded.  

Social media can often stem up this pervasive anxiety due to the basic foundational unprocessed belief acted out and the observable behaviors are noticed like “Pleasing others”, or “Acting out to be perfect” - these are common drivers from the famous Eric Berne theory of transactional analysis.  Dr Paras Life-Leadership Coach and Founder of Matrrix shows you you can tune into your critical inner in order not to abandon your path or your boundaries for your own special adventure.


“Reframing your mind”

 This factor highly emphasis on effectively framing and re-considering things in a different perspective by using the filter perceptions to create a perfect meaning for the mind.

The filter we see within us and outside are two different phenomenon for example – When you look at a young woman post a picture on Instagram with a caption which includes brand tags such as #ShoesfromJimmyChoo or #T-shirtfromforever21 etc. it may instantly give you a feeling of “wow! Her world is so awe-inspiring”!

We need to change this perception and give it a new possible meaning that the reality of life isn’t about just wearing brands or having an expensive cell phones, it’s all about what kind of integrity we create for ourselves. 


“Re-check Your Behavior”

 You can gain confidence by just aligning your behavior. Examine the current scenario with your inner reality and correct your behavior. Recheck the commitment you have made to yourself and your dreams and thus align your higher self with your wisdom and core values towards life. 


“Take the help of a Professional”

Take guidance by counsellors and coaching to be ok with yourself and not be obsessed is a good method. If the problems are too big to handle in your life and are stopping you from functioning well or feeling good, professional help can make a big difference. 


“Mindfulness Retreat”

Meditate at least 30 minutes a day to ease up your anxiety; do pranayama to work on your posture, this gives you more confidence in your own thoughts and has the ability to boost your creative thinking. As Buddha says change is happening every moment, so no need to hurry--relax, observe - question - process and then act.


 “Unlocking your Bliss”

This course is deep, unique and powerful! You need to construct a sacred space within your heart which can be a source of infinite joy, love and happiness. Understand that you are looking for happiness in all the wrong places and allow the wisdom of your innermost heart to guide you in the right direction.

Sit quietly and meditate for 10 minutes when you feel the pressure or stress overloading your mind, try visualizing about the sources of your happiness-- what makes you happy and draw it into your current world. Manifest the same into your reality to break the pattern of – “living in an autopilot mode”.