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Exquisite one-of-a-kind jewellery and timepieces


AstaGuru’s upcoming ‘Jewellery, Silver, Timepieces Auction scheduled on May 28-29, 2023

By IANSlife

May 20, 2023 (IANSlife) In its upcoming ‘Jewellery, Silver, and Timepieces,' Auction, AstaGuru will present an exquisite collection of coveted jewellery, vintage silver, and extraordinary timepieces. The meticulously curated catalogue brings together a broad range of sophisticated artisanal pieces that are a hallmark of the exceptional design and craftsmanship heritage from different parts of the world. With several pieces executed in Art Deco designs, the selection also shines a limelight on the legacy of the influential movement.




Talking about the jewellery selection for the catalogue, Jay Sagar, Jewellery Expert, AstaGuru Auction House, says “We are thrilled to offer an exquisite range of gemstone pieces for our upcoming auction. Each piece has been carefully crafted to showcase the unique beauty of the gemstones. From the vibrant hues of emeralds to the stunning sparkle of diamonds, these pieces are truly a work of art. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for a statement piece, the upcoming auction will have something for everyone. It is a great opportunity to own a piece of timeless elegance that will be cherished for generations to come."




Lot no. 39 is an important set of emerald and diamond necklace & ear pendants set in gold with old cut diamonds, emeralds and emerald pears. The emeralds are of Panjshir origin. It is estimated to sell at INR 1,45,00,000 – 1,60,00,000. Another emerald piece is lot no. 52, a bracelet set in gold with emeralds interspaced with light fancy yellow colour diamonds in a minimal design. This lot is estimated to sell at INR 70,00,000 – 90,00,000.




Lot no. 43 is a natural fancy coloured diamond bib necklace estimated to be acquired at INR 85,00,000 – 1,00,00,000. The assortment of fancy coloured diamonds comes in different shapes. Such necklaces were popularised in 19th century Europe, with bib-like attachments on male and female vestments that were later adapted to jewellery. Since then, the design has made its way into different periods and styles from vintage,romantic to avant-garde. Another exquisite example of fancy coloured diamond jewellery is lot no. 17. The exquisitely crafted bracelet is  in gold with a border of marquise diamonds and centrally set fancy coloured diamonds of various shapes. It is estimated to sell for INR  35,00,000 – 45,00,000. Lot no. 7 is another beautiful bracelet set with an impressive collection of natural fancy coloured diamonds. It is estimated to be sold at INR  33, 00,000 – 35,00,000.

Lot no. 49 is an important suite of ruby and diamond jewellery comprising a necklace, a pair of ear clips and a ring set with old mine Burmese ruby cabochons and diamond & diamond baguettes. This design is typical of the 1960s. It is estimated to be sold at INR 90,00,000 – 1,00,00,000.  Lot no. 36 , a natural five row Burmese ruby bead necklace with diamond side terminals will also be showcased. It is estimated to be acquired at INR 45,00,000 – 60,00,000.


Lot no. 34 is a suite of tanzanite and diamond jewellery estimated to sell at INR 65,00,000 – 80,00,000. The set consists of a necklace, a pair of ear pendants, a ring and a bracelet set in gold with varied cuts of diamonds, such as brilliant cut, diamond pears and diamond marquise, with large tanzanite cabochons. Another creation with gemstones is lot no. 14, an impressive pair of diamond ear pendants mounted in gold and set with an important pair of tanzanites surrounded by diamond ovals, carrée and marquise. It is estimated to be sold at INR 26,00,000 – 30,00,000.


The auction is scheduled on May 28-29, 2023.


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