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Decoding art on a surface

ZA works design

The beauty of art is that it is unconstrained by anything, and there are countless mediums and surfaces on which it can be depicted


January 5, 2022 (IANSlife) Art gives you the opportunity to express yourself, be imaginative, and create whatever you want without having to follow any norms. The beauty of art is that it is unconstrained by anything, and there are countless mediums and surfaces on which it can be depicted. Art can be as simple as decorating a small niche in your room or as complex as creating artwork for a full wall.

Zahabiya Gabajiwala, the founder and Principal artist at ZA Works shares her thoughts to IANSlife on the broad subject of surface art.


ZA works design
  • Create unique art on the tiniest surfaces- Highlighting minor elements like a doorknob or even a lighting fixture can accentuate the space for all minimalist interior design style admirers. However, art does not always need to stand out. Instead, creating unconventional designs on small surfaces enhances the details of a project.
  • Paint on wardrobes- One of the most creative canvases in a house can be your wardrobe! It is a vast empty space that can be illustrated with beautiful scenery, abstract art, comic-style art, and more. A large surface with great potential. Many techniques and styles can be used to blend artwork with interior design.
  • Illustrate on walls- Walls are not just partitions to divide rooms; they are vast surfaces on which any type of art can be created- mural, installation, or painting. Wall art can act as an accent wall, a gorgeous backdrop to your bed, or even be clad with panels. Art can add depth and perspective and create illusions that make the space appear larger or smaller by using harmony and balance of design.
  • Create artwork under the surface- Although it may sound unusual, floors can be your next option to create innovative artwork. Flooring has potential in commercial spaces like gyms and retail stores that can help manoeuvre customers through smart design. Using the right colours with generic design elements makes a floor space exciting and thought-provoking.

If principles like harmony, variation, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern, as well as texture, colour, and form, are employed effectively, art can be created on any surface. Even if art has an infinite number of possibilities, the number of possible surfaces is also infinite. Any surface, from the wall behind your desk to a little bulb in your kitchen, may be used to create artwork of any kind.




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