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Country Beats

The Horse Dancer

Sivabalan's paintings bring alive the animated hustle and are an ode to India and its many nuances

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

September 19, 2022 (IANSlife An online exhibition features strikingly vibrant paintings that focus on Kumbakonam, a temple capital, and an artist's other travel expeditions across India with its undocumented culture. Artflute, presents ‘Country Beats’, a curated collection of the most recent works by the watercolorist, Sivabalan.

“Artflute has always been about showcasing art that is honest and leaves an impact on the viewer. Sivabalan’s world of unsuspecting portraits and everyday celebration draws patrons into his painting and lets them revel in it. The showcase helps in drawing attention to the joy and happiness that can be found in what we consider as ‘ordinary’ life”, says Padmaja Nagarur, Co-founder, of Artflute on Sivabalan’s latest collection

Watercolorist Sivabalan
Watercolorist Sivabalan

The artist’s latest collection is a travelogue of his journey within the country and exploring his hometown of Kumbakonam further.  Sivabalan’s paintings also toy with nativity and rural villages, especially scenes from the southern villages he grew up around. His works capture everyday scenes and movements, without filters or divulging too many details.

Everyday Blessings by Watercolorist Sivabalan
Everyday Blessings by Watercolorist Sivabalan

Sivabalan’s work is all about flirting with opposites. With his signature style of white background in his watercolor works, he captures the authenticity, realism, and heterogenicity of the rural portraits. His paintings depict scenes such as elephant procession, everyday prayers, women carrying pots, and festive carnivals. The artworks bring alive the animated hustle and are an ode to India and its many nuances. 

The Carnival Begins by Watercolorist Sivabalan
The Carnival Begins by Watercolorist Sivabalan

Commenting on the collection Sivabalan adds, “I believe I can transmit my own personal feelings about people and their lifestyles through my paintings and connect the rarity of our culture to generations.” 

The collection can be viewed on until the 30th of September, 2022 on




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