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Artist Vibhor Sogani exhibits steel sculpture in Dubai

NEBULA on display in UAE / Instagram

The internationally-acclaimed installation artist presents a public art installation at Dubai Design Week

By Siddhi Jain

November 14, 2020 (IANSlife) Installation artist Vibhor Sogani, who is showcasing his public art installation 'Nebula', a large lustrous suspended cloud comprising spheres sculpted from mirror-finished stainless-steel, in the Dubai Design Week says that steel for him is a special material. 

"It is also a very tricky material as it cannot be handcrafted like brass or copper. It needs to be machined and requires technical intervention. Having said that, it can give brilliant textures, and thus opportunity. Mirror finish steel can be magical and makes the sculpture interactive. Specially in public realm, this aspect can be very engaging for the viewer. Works in steel are never static and keeps responding to the environment and the light aspect around," he told IANSlife.


Nebula by Vibhor Sogani


Jaipur-born Sogani was invited to collaborate with Wilson Associates, a global architectural interior design firm, and Studio Mark Lighting Consultants - an architectural lighting design practice, to collectively create a Gateway into Dubai Design Week 2020.

About his creation ‘Nebula’, which lies at the crossroads of art, design and architecture, he says that it does blur the boundaries.

"Just like we are an amalgamation of values, ideas, actions, aspirations and even expectations, layered with compounded thoughts and notions. We are unique, but not definite, instead, we are all the shades of grey as well as the many hues, tones and tints of every other colour of the spectrum. We carry within many versions of our own selves—because, we are never just one person…In a world where we may not constantly be accompanied by another, the Nebula is a reminder that we do not run solo," he shared.

A stage to support an act of being alone… reminiscent of a stage, for viewers to feel supported, intrigued and, hopefully, excited. It’s time to look up, it’s time to feel joy, and it’s time to remember that you are not alone. Located in the centre of d3 Dubai Design District, this installation consists of a stage-inspired setting. Design professionals and enthusiasts are invited to walk inside from beneath this structure.

“In a world where we may not constantly be accompanied by another, the NEBULA is a reminder that we do not run solo; instead, we carry within many versions of our own selves—because, we are never just one person. What may have seemed as an onerous nimbus from a distance is in fact an imperative reflection of the deeper self," said Sogani, who has created India’s largest Public art installation ‘Sprouts’ is his creation. The 40 feet high steel installation stands in the 6 acres of greens in the heart of New Delhi. 

Another of his prominent works is ‘Joy’, a 30 feet high oublic art installation in Dubai, UAE. 



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