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Swiss beauty brand Glutaweis enters India

Glutaweis Radiance Range

The brand develops skin care products around the core ingredient of Glutathione

December 25, 2020 (IANSlife) Swiss luxury skincare brand Glutaweis has made its entry in India with its first line of products called the ‘Radiance Range’.

The brand develops skin care products around the core ingredient of Glutathione, supported by ingredients known to benefit skin.

The Radiance Range offers indulgent solutions and is dermatologically tested for effectiveness and available in gorgeous, travel-friendly, spill-proof packaging, Glutaweis is suitable for sensitive skin and is vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Commenting about the launch, Khayl Reis Co-founder and CEO, tells IANSlife: “We bring a really special kind of advancement to skin care. We have fashioned master anti-oxidant Glutathione into powerful on-skin applications so you no longer have to ingest it for its spectacular benefits. In addition to Glutathione, each product – cleanser, serum and cream – includes the best actives for their functions. Our safety and consciousness norms are global standard and we are building a brand based on user feedback so we can always be the best version of ourselves for them.”

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