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Skincare for children

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Here's where most parents make mistakes when purchasing personal care items for kids

By IANSlife

February 12, 2024 (IANSlifeSelecting the right personal care products for kids is an important aspect of parenting. With so much buzz around skincare and routine for kids parents are becoming more anxious in their selection process. Eventually the anxiety results in decisions that can negatively impact kids' wellbeing.

Let’s explore some common mistakes parents make when purchasing personal care products for their children and how to avoid them with the expert help of Prasanna Vasanadu, Parent Educator and Founder of Tikitoro.

Ignoring Ingredient Labels:

Parents commonly make the mistake of not reading the ingredient labels on personal hygiene products. Harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, and phthalates are often found in many products marketed to children. For instance, many shampoos contain sulphates, which can irritate skin, and parabens, which can disrupt the endocrine system. Parents must prioritize products with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients to avoid these problems. By taking this preventive measure, potentially hazardous chemicals are kept away from children's sensitive skin.

Thinking 'Child-Friendly' Always Means Safe:

The term "child-friendly" is not always synonymous with safety, therefore it can be deceptive. Animations and vibrant packaging are common strategies used by manufacturers to attract both parents and kids. However, these promotional strategies might divert attention away from potentially harmful ingredients. Parents should carefully read product labels to ensure that the contents meet their safety standards, looking beyond the branding.

Falling for Marketing Gimmicks: 

When purchasing personal hygiene products for children, parents often fall prey to marketing tactics. It is important to prioritize ingredients over colourful child-attractive packaging. As responsible parents, it is important to choose products considering the ingredients used in the products. Focus on the actual benefits of the product rather than being influenced by catchy slogans. Spend some time to educate yourself about potential irritants and allergens. Parents may protect their children's health and well-being by making educated decisions.

Ignoring Allergen Considerations: 

Every child is different, and so are their allergies and sensitivity levels. If product compositions are not checked for allergens, the child may experience adverse effects. To prevent unnecessary health issues, parents should carefully review ingredient lists, especially if their child has documented allergies.

Ignoring Environmental Impact: 

Parents unintentionally contribute to waste and pollution by neglecting to consider the environmental impact of the personal care products that they buy for their kids. Opting for recyclable packaging can help mitigate this issue. Seek accreditations such as "sustainable", "cruelty-free" or  “recyclable” on the packaging of the product or check the Brand for sustainable processes. Parents may help future generations live sustainable lifestyles by ensuring that their children's well-being aligns with a healthier world by making these wise choices.




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