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Love your skin this winter

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The Founder of an Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare brand shares some beauty tips to see you through the cold season

By IANSlife Features

November 14, 2020 (IANSlife) Yay, it's sweater weather, but is your skin prepared for it? As the humidity drops, the air gets dry and so does your skin. In winters the moisture is drawn from your skin and so it requires additional care. To treat winter skin and to provide rejuvenation during the season, one should opt for natural products, as they offer a variety of effective solutions to protect the skin and keep it moist, soft and smooth.

Ritika Jayaswal, CEO & Founder, Nourish Mantra
an Ayurveda-inspired natural skincare brand brings you some tips and tricks to prep up your skin for the coming season.

Choose a cleanser wisely
Winters make your skin quite dry. Opt for a natural mild cleanser which is gentle on your skin. Harsh cleansers might strip off natural oils from your face and the added fragrances and alcohol might irritate your skin, which ultimately makes your skin all the more dry and flaky. 

Exfoliation is important
People generally think that winters are not for exfoliation but it’s a big myth. Even if you have a dry skin exfoliation is very important because it takes off dry dead skin cells and helps to regenerate new ones. 


Use a Body Lotion right after the shower
Since its winters always go for a creamy based body lotion and moisturiser to lock in the moisture of the skin. The trick is to apply the lotion right after the shower since your body is still moist and the lotion will get absorbed easily and will stay on for long keeping your skin soft and plump. 

Product Recommendation: Soft Nirvana Body Lotion
Description: A signature softness of fragrances that transcend you to paradise on earth, this gorgeous skin lotion delivers essential hydration and evokes a luminous freshness layered with notes of mossy midnight rain. Therapeutic botanicals of Tamarind, Gotu Kola & Indian Ginseng nourish, hydrate and buff the skin.
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Facial Oil is the key 
Facial oils are really important in winters since they can give your skin an additional dose of nourishment that is required. It helps in removing dryness from the skin and help the skin cells rejuvenate. Facial oils also help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and give that glow to your face. 

rep pic
Vedic Elixir 8 in 1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Product Recommendation: Vedic Elixir 8 in 1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil
Description: Pure drops of moisture-rich essence of Hemp Seed, powered by 8 luxurious oils, packed with antioxidants and vitamins to protect skin from pollutants, and visible signs of ageing. This nutritive healing elixir richly nourishes, hydrates and delivers exceptional radiance to the skin.
Price: INR 3550 for 20ml for all skin types a
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Don’t forget your hands and feet
Always use a gentle or mild handwash to wash your hands and a nourishing cream-based lotion for the hands since they are the most exposed and hardworking part of our body. We tend to ignore them sometimes and the skin becomes itchy and flaky. 

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Vetiver and Lavender Upayas Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

Product Recommendation: Vetiver and Lavender Upayas Hand Wash and Hand Lotion
DescriptionThis hand wash, blended with Vetiver Root Oil and Citric Acid, thoroughly cleanses the hands of illness- causing germs while leaving behind a Soothing herbal fragrance of Vetiver Essential Oil. The creamy lotion, blended with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter, provides deep moisturization to hands that have become dry or irritated from constant cleaning and sanitization.
Price: INR 999 for the combo kit available at:


Nourish Mantra which was launched in the USA in late 2019 is now available in India. The brand’s mantra is conscious living, with a connection of the body, mind and soul. In addition to taking a traditional approach and backing it up with modern science, their products are made from effective and safe ingredients and recipes that are 100 percent vegan, paraben-free and SLS free. 




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