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Let essential oils care for you this winter

Essential Oils (Source: Unsplash)

Essential oils can have many benefits outside aromatherapy, especially in the chilly season

By IANSlife Features

January 3, 2020 (IANSlife) Essential oils, which are "essences" derived from plants, are part of beauty rituals since ages and it is widely known for its wonders in skincare, body care and hair care. 

Rahul Agarwal, CEO of organic personal care brand Organic Harvest, shares tips on using essential oils in the winter season.

Essential oils are not only rich in nutrients but have unique healing and aromatic properties which helps to facilitate recovery from seasonal illnesses. Many essential oils are proven to be used as an effective healer, nourisher and cleanser.

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the best essential oils for the cold weather which help fight sore throats, cough, seasonal allergies and headaches. The oil has antibacterial properties to improve immunity and blood circulation. It proves to be one of the best home remedies to reduce cough, allergies or to purify your home.

Winters can be particularly harsh on your scalp, causing dandruff and exacerbating dry skin issues. Popular essential oils like tea tree and rosemary work wonderfully for itchy and flaky skin. They are the best companion in winters to cure dandruff and reduce skin itching. Bonus, they also work wonderfully as a natural deodorant and fights body odour.

Other useful essential oils for cold weather includes the floral and citrus oils, such as lemon, lavender, grapefruit, jasmine and ylang ylang – which have enriching and calming scents that are said to have mood-boosting and uplifting effect on the mind.