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I prefer to look natural and beautiful

Sonakshi Sinha

Actor Sonakshi Sinha on make-up and fitness

By IANSlife Features

September 10, 2019 (IANSlife) Sonakshi Sinha tells social media junkies how to be camera-ready all the time.

Some make-up hacks you've learnt on the job.
How to apply false eyelashes. They make you look glamorous instantly.

Sonakshi Sinha
Actor Sonakshi SInha

Your own social media style is funny and sexy. Which one reflects the real Sonakshi Sinha?
They’re both facets of me. I like to think of myself as versatile — I need to be able to convincingly play a small town girl in a film one day and pull off a glamorous magazine cover the next. That’s where the POSE collection by MyGlamm matches my personality. With the range of finishes and shades, you can build your look from fresh-faced to full-on glam.

Social media means everyone has to be pose ready at the drop of the hat. How does the POSE line enable this?
What makes POSE unique… One, it has an HD finish, so you’re always camera-ready. Which in today’s Instagram age, is so essential. Two, it has blurring properties that give you a flawless finish. And three, it’s light and easy to wear, which really appeals to me because I don’t like make-up that looks like makeup. I prefer to look natural and beautiful, and that what POSE is all about. That’s why I love it!

How important is it for women to understand that being fit is more important than being thin
SS: I’m here to be a hero, not size zero. Everyone has a different body type. You need to understand yours and embrace it.

Sonakshi SInha
Sonakshi SInha

How do you maintain your fitness regime while travelling?
I try and eat right and get in some weight or functional training whenever I can. I'm not very fond of the gym and weights in general, but when I'm travelling that's the only option I have and I try to make the most of it.

Beauty tips you swear by?
SS: For that perfect, flawless skin finish, I love a good setting powder. The MyGlamm POSE Banana Powder is a skin superhero. It brightens dull skin, hydrates, blurs fine lines and does so much more.

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