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Head-to-toe skincare guide for weddings

Head-to-toe skincare guide for weddings

With weddings around the corner, invest in a good skincare regime to ensure radiant-looking skin

By IANSlife Features

November 5, 2019 (IANSlife) The wedding season has come knocking, and it is crucial to get the skincare routines right to look your best. 

Here are a few quick tips for you by Organic Harvest's CEO Rahul Agarwal to fulfill your skincare goals this season.

1. Deep cleanse
This is a ritual  you can’t hear enough of. For a glowing and perfect skin, indulge in a clay mask or a deep-cleansing scrubbing ritual at least twice a week, which hydrates and deep-cleanses the skin for a visibly clear and healthy glow. Gentle and consistent exfoliation is key to bright, luminous skin.

2. Hydrate 
Nothing saps the skin of its luster like dryness. It’s easy to forget how much water you’re drinking, especially when we’re occupied. Use a water-based moisturiser frequently and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

3. Nourish your skin
Healthy skin comes from the right nourishment as well as combining it with the right kind of moisturisers. Nourish it internally through your diet. Eat lots of fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds to give the skin an internal healthy glow. Externally, indulge in an organic face mask that works wonders and gives quick results. Ensure that it is according to your skin type.

4. Take good care of your eyes
Those big round dark circles, dull skin and puffiness surrounding your eyes can be a big turn off before any celebration. Don’t let this dark and dull skin with puffed up eyes become the barrier between your appearance and your soul. An organic under eye gel is best suited in this scenario. It stimulates the blood circulation, thereby eliminating the coloured blood pigments responsible for the dark circles under the eyes. This helps improve the skin tone around and underneath the eye. Cucumber or potato pulp can also be applied for a few minutes under the eyes, which reduces puffiness as well as dark circles.

5. Care for your tresses
Frequent styling and blow dry can make the hair brittle and dry. Use an organic, plant-based hair oil and give yourself a massage for at least 15 minutes. Wash it with organic shampoo, which is free from the chemicals and artificial ingredients.


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