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Beauty faux pas women are guilty of

Beauty faux pas women are guilty of

 After spending time primping and buffing yourself, there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and realising that you've got something wrong going on. All women have been victims to beauty faux pas at some point but there are a few common  beauty crimes that are easy to avoid.

Nehpreet Kaur, Design and Creative Head, Femina Flaunt, and Anjali Valani, Executive Marketing and Operations and Creative Face, The Beauty Co, list down a few fashion and beauty faux pas that you shouldn't be victim to:

* Overdrawn brows are a complete no. There's a finely drawn line between bold brows and something totally over-the-top. Using a lot of product makes the eyebrow look painted and darker than it should.

* Not applying a primer or a base can make or break your look. A primer is a must as it moisturises your skin and keeps your make-up in place.

* Exfoliating is a must but if exfoliating is done too vigorously, you can end up scratching the surface of your skin's protective barrier, leaving it open to infection and exposure to environmental toxins.