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A shout out to hairstylists and hairdressers

(Photo: lisahaydon/Instagram)

A unique campaign salutes the entire hairdresser community; celebs express their unconditional gratitude and appreciation

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

May 27, 2020 (IANSlife) One of the things we miss most are beauty salons and parlours which continue to be under lockdown, despite the easing of restrictions in many areas. 

From hair colour, to hair spas everything has been put on hold, and our hair is bearing the brunt of the summer heat. Not only that, but our beloved hairdressers while being great stylists on most days are also our confidante on bad days; they make us look and feel great.  

It has to be our beloved hairdressers who style, care and love our hair as much as we do or maybe even more. There's also the reason we step out more confident. 

In a unique campaign #LOVEISINTHEHAIR, L'Oréal Professionnel salutes the entire hairdresser community by sharing with them heartwarming open letters from Lisa Haydon, Sophie Chaudry,  Ambika Pillai and many more stylistas. They express their unconditional gratitude and appreciation for their hairdressers through a series of videos where they talk about their hair journey with them. 

Actress and Model, Lisa Haydon, states “Great hair plays a part when being in front of the camera. For me hair has always been a way to express myself, to make me feel confident, beautiful and strong. Having a great hairstylist, not just one who is great at their job, but someone who is easy to work with, interprets a vision effortlessly, someone you can get along with when on a film set for months, someone who gets it, is very important. The relationships built with the hairstylists I’ve worked with over the years…you know who you are…are cherished ones. They are lifelong friendships."

Celebrity Hairstylist Ambika Pillai, states, “It takes years of practice, sacrifice and dedication to become an established hairdresser, but our beautiful clients are what makes it all worth it – the trust, appreciation and love you receive is irreplaceable and makes you want to do better each time. For me the bonds and friendships I’ve formed are one of my greatest achievements.”

The aim of the campaign is to salute these unsung heroes and extend support to the community during these hard times. 


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